Do you need a coach? 

It's true that you can find more information than you'll ever need about training and exercise physiology online and in books then sort it out to meet your own needs, if you have the time and interest to do that! Do you also have the right balance of motivation and discipline, objectivity and the ability to reign yourself in? A coach does all of this for you!

Why Scree Factory? 

Carefully planned fun and satisfying workouts to meet your goals

Thorough approach to injury and OTS prevention

Built-in mindset training

Unlimited Support

Custom strength, mobility, meditation, and yoga (Sarah's also an E-RYT!)

Whether you're looking to complete your first 100, climb Aconcagua, get fit for ski season, get competitive in a 50k skyrace, or start running for the first time, we've got you covered. 

Check out our pre-made, obsessively thought out training plans to help you reach your goals, or consider one-on-one coaching! 

With one-on-one coaching, you pay a monthly fee and get: 

Deep dive consultation: You'll fill out a questionnaire, then we'll schedule a phone call to thorough discuss your goals, needs, and plan. 

Custom Training Plan: obsessively planned for your goals and to promote your overall happiness, and edited every week based on your feedback. 

Injury & Overtraining Prevention: a holistic approach including strength, mobility, yoga, carefully organized training, varying cross training, and extracurriculars to keep you healthy. 

Mindset training: together, we'll work out your goals and affirmations and integrate them into your training and mindfulness practice. 

Yoga & Meditation: customized to meet your goals

Access & Support: Unlimited text and email communication, monthly phone calls

Run Concierge: Traveling for work or planning a run trip? We'll find the best places to run and train while you're on the road. 

Why hire a coach? 

Accountability & Motivation: this is the number one reason that people don't meet their fitness goals! A coach will do the boring stuff for you, tell you exactly what to do, hold you accountable, and make sure it's fun and interesting! 

Experience, knowledge, science: It's absolutely true that you can learn what you need to know to train well yourself. But you don't have to. Hiring a coach takes advantage of someone else's specialized knowledge and experience. We'll worry about the numbers, the current research, the biomechanics, the neuromuscular stuff, etc for you! 

Objectivity: Your coach knows when you need to push and when you need to rest for maximum benefit. 

Short and long-term: We'll keep your training plan organized to meet all of your goals. 

Education, inspiration, regular feedback, creative scheduling and more! 

I help stoked athletes maximize their time and  energy to train harder & happier, with loads of support, the latest in physiology, and mental performance. 

About Sarah: 

Sarah grew up as an elite figure skater, and currently is an alpinist, mountain runner, ice and rock climber, cyclist, a skier, and a USATF certified running coach. She's been running competitively for 21 years and after dozens of ultras, dozens of injuries, and a bout of overtraining syndrome, she's studied exercise physiology, biomechanics, and training philosophies with the same obsessive zeal that she brings to running. She's run the R2R2R, biked across Utah, summited Rainier in calendar winter, and competed everything from snow bike races to nordic marathons to ultra distance and sky races. 

Sarah coached figure skating and hockey for 11 years, and has been teaching yoga since 2012. 


USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach 

E-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher with over 1,000 hours of experience

Wilderness First Responder

Crevasse Rescue

AIARE Avalanche 1